Adventure Time “The Vault”


  • Finn’s sleeping suit looks different in this episode. It’s goes all the way up to his head and has the two bumps on it like his hat.
  • This episode proves that Princess Bubblegum is at least 300 years old.
  • In this episode is seen the Candy Kingdom in construction as well as the early Candy People
  • The radioactive waste in the Candy Kingdom most likely originated from the Mushroom War.
  • The tree Shoko dies under later grows into the tree that the treehouse is built upon, her body perhaps acting as a fertilizer to make it grow as big as it is in the present.
  • The game installed on BMO, that hypnotizes Finn is identical to the real life game “Super Hexagon”.

Cultural references

  • The game (entitled “regression simulator”) that Jake loads on BMO to trigger the Vault opening looks very similar to the indie game Super Hexagon.
  • The “regression simulator” is similar to “Assassin’s Creed,” in which the main character experiences many of his ancestor’s lives.
  • In the scene where Princess Bubblegum talking to Shoko, Princess Bubblegum said “Amen” which is a phrase used as an affirmation to a strong agreement and also it is a phrase used to end Christian prayers.
  • The outfit Princess Bubblegum wore is similar to outfits the Japanese wore in their farming era. “Shoko” is a Japanese name.

Episode connections

  • The episode title refers to “The Creeps,” when Finn first experiences the “Ghost Lady" and places his memory of the incident in "The Vault" of his mind.
  • During the past sequence, Mr. Cream Puff is confirmed to have been Bubblegum’s boyfriend, as she reveals in “Slumber Party Panic" when trying to revive him.
  • The robotic arm that Princess Bubblegum gives to Shoko is similar to Finn’s in the episodes “Finn the Human,” “Jake the Dog,” “King Worm,” and “Puhoy.”
  • This episode continues the motif of each of Finn’s alternate selves, with the exception of the fictional Fionna, having a robotic arm. (“Finn the Human” and “Puhoy.”)
  • In one of the flashbacks of Finn’s past lives, it is shown that he was once a butterfly. This could reference the episode “Still,” as his Astral Beast is a bunch of butterflies.
  • The Bath Boy Gang base is the haunted house as seen in “The Creeps.” This explains why Finn had a vision of her haunting it in the episode.
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